According to Wikipedia Information on John LaRue Helm, "Having a knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs, Mary LaRue became know as a healer and mid-wife. She served as mid-wife to Nancy Hanks Lincoln on February 9, 1809 when Abraham Lincoln was born. The Lincolns very nearly subsisted on the charity of the LaRues." 

This is also documented in other family history including the book, "Six Generations of LaRues and Allied Families" by Otis Mathers

Margaret "Peggy" Helen La Rue Walters, age 20 years. She was b. 11 Dec 1789, d. 16 Oct 1864, bur. in the old South Fork Baptist Church burying ground, on the south side of Nolin Creek, beside her husband Conrad Walters. She learned the art of midwifery from her mother.

The drawing to the left depicts the home of Richard Berry where Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks were married at sunset on June 12, 1806. The photograph to the right depicts a reassembled replica of the cabin purported to be Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. Lincoln was born about dawn on Sunday, February 12, 1809, in Hardin County (now LaRue County) near Hodgenville, Kentucky. 

In 1808 Nancy became pregnant for the second time. During the afternoon of Saturday, February 11, 1809, Nancy told Thomas that the time was getting close. She asked Thomas to get a midwife. Thomas left the cabin, and when he reached the road he saw a neighbor, Abraham Enlow (then 16 years old). Enlow's mother was a local midwife. Enlow told Thomas to go back and wait with his wife, and he promised to send his mother, and if she couldn't come, he would get his half-sister Margaret "Peggy" La Rue Walters (wife of Conrad Walters). As it turned out, Peggy Walters was the one who returned to the Lincolns' cabin. Abraham Enlow took Peggy Walters to the Lincolns' cabin. Peggy was only 20 years old, but she had assisted her mother with other births in the area.



This is on our Kellams line, Velva who married Chester Paul Tieman, her parents are Phillow Canada Kellams, her  mother is Mary Ellen Saunders, some say Saundry. 

Mary Ellen's father is William T. Saunders, his wife is Abigail Jane Dunn.

Abigail's father is Josiah Dunn and his wife is Nancy Lincoln.  Nancy Lincoln is the line we follow back to the grandfather we have in common with Abraham Lincoln, we do not share a distant common grandmother with Abraham.
                                                                          "Abraham Lincoln Ties" 

This is on our Kellams line, Velva who married Chester Paul Tieman, her parents are Phillow Canada Kellams, and mother is Mary Ellen Saunders, some say Saundry. 

I have this interesting great, great grandfather who I know notihng about, except he was marreid to a lady name Mary Ellen Sanders (spelling varies per researcher, but I am using the name I found on the birth record of their children).  To this day I don't know where either are buried.

Mary Ellen is the daughter of William Sanders and Abigail Jane Dunn.  Abigail is the daughter of Josiah Dunn and Nancy Lincoln.  Nancy Lincoln is the daughter of Davis Lincoln and Abigail Campbell. from here the history is as follows: Davis Lincoln is the son of Hananiah Lincoln who is the  son of Thomas Lincoln, Thomas is the son of Mordeca Lincon. (various spellings on the first name)

Mord as he was know was married first to:  Mary Robeson,  the mother of our Thomas Lincoln and died very young leaving three small children.  Mord then married Hannah Slater and they had a child named "Virginia" John Lincoln.  who had a son named Abrahm Lincoln (not the president) This Abraham had a son named Thomas, and Thomas named his son Abraham Lincoln who became president of the United States.  And this is our tie to Abraham Lincoln.

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